World Talent Education is an educational agency that guides and consults international students all around the globe, to attend schools and colleges in USA and Canada. With loads of available resources and an extensive school network, we guide you through the process by providing valuable information, to make sure that you make to your dream course in your college, seamlessly.

 At WTE, it’s not merely about consulting and providing you with some guides and tons of information resources. We believe in delivering a service that crafts you a straightforward, customized and a detailed action plan to make it through. From applying to visa to applying to the colleges and finally adjusting in the country you looking to study in, we remain by your side and make you walk through the process, effortlessly.

Students all around the world aspire to earn a degree from The USA, primarily due to the country’s rich cultural exposure and top-notch educational standards. With that being said, most of the students, while they long for a quality education in the states, don’t have the right resources and expert advice on the matter.

Most students aren’t sure where to start and end up consuming their efforts and resources in the wrong place. Misleading information, lack of clear planning and unavailability of expert advice leads to sheer disappointment and frustrations among young students.

“Helping International Students to Higher Education”

We are ready to provide you with a precise plan and ensure that your application stands out from the rest. With us, you get to interact with our councilors, enabling you to make informed decisions and make the right choice for your future.

From preparing your resume and cover letter to making sure that your application stands out, we make sure that every element of your admission process is immaculate.

Our consultant session act as comprehensive guides on various issues related to the admission to US colleges and universities. Instead of depending on general guidelines, we present you with a concise plan of action.

We understand that your academic background, future ambitions and current circumstances are different from any other candidate. Different conditions necessitate a different and a unique action plan. Therefore, we work closely with you, at a personal level and customize a specialized plan that guarantees admission to your desired college.

If you are one of those students who are struggling with figuring out where to start, what route to take, which universities to apply and how to apply for? WTE with many strong network of colleges and universities is ready to set up with the right choice of school for you. Contact one of our educational counselors today!



Take advantage of our consultation with an educational advisor today. It has been proven that working with a consulting agency increases your chances of securing a university acceptance. We have helped hundreds of students succeed. Let us help you too.

Universities Admission

We help students identify colleges, fill applications, and navigate the complex world of college admissions. 

Helping with Resume and PS

Resumes and personal statements are instrumental when it comes to casting an impeccable impression over the officials. 

Internships and jobs

Students who are looking for internships to satisfy a school requirement or simply to gain experience can seek the help of our expert team.

Credential Evaluation Service

We provide our students with Credential Evaluation service so they can meet the requirements needed in the United States Educational System.

Housing and Travel Assistance

We assist students finding their own housing and accommodation and we provide airport pick up to your new place. 

Training Courses

WTE offer a wide range of training programs designed to meet professionals’ needs in their area of specialty. all  courses are accredited by top universities around the world.

We provide short and long-term programs in the following areas:

  • Information Technology
  • Creative Design
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunication
  • Business skills and PMP
  • Data Analysis 
  • ESL English as the second language

Send us your request today to provide you more information about the program you looking for.

Career Coaching

Our goal is to help you thrive in a fulfilling career that is aligned with your values, interests, personality, and skills.

As a coaching client, we’ll help you create a vision for your future and an action plan to help get you there. We’ll work together to establish and achieve your goals for future career success, as you define it.